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Indrodeep Banerjee

Birth Chart Analysis

Individual Birth Chart or Horoscope Analysis by world famous Astrologer Indrodeep Banerjee, based on individual’s Date Time & Place of Birth

  1. Financial Prospects Analysis: Your complete financial prospects analysis by world famous Astrologer Indrodeep Banerjee. It include evaluation of Financial Yogas or Dhan Yogas / Wealth & Prosperity prospects present in Horoscope, forecasting the timing of their materialisation. Timing the periods of Financial Gains & Financial Losses. Analysis of Daridra Yogas & Dhan Nasha Yogas, if any, and suggesting the effective remedial measures for them. Horoscope is also thoroughly analysed to see if the person can earn wealth & prosperity from financial markets/ stock markets by investing or trading or not, and if he can earn then which sectors of stocks & commodities will be lucky and suitable for him and which sectors he must avoid to trade, whether he will be able to earn by trading or longterm investment and which are the days lucky or suitable for his trading and investments and which days he must avoid being unlucky for him. Along with next 10 years financial prospects road map. 10-12 paged Personalised Manually Prepared Report.
    Fees: Rs.12000/- /US$ 500

  2. Individual Stock or Commodity Analysis: One Years Road Map for Price Action of any individual Stock or Commodity. Periods of Rise & Fall. Expected Trend Ahead. Phases of Bullish Behaviour & Bearish Behaviour. When to Buy & Accumulate and when to Sell & Exit or go Short.
    This analysis is available for any stock or index of Indian markets or any index of global markets including Dow Jones, Dax etc. with graphical projection of Price Forecast and Trend Forecast and showing forecast about monthly swings too.
    Fees: Rs.100000/- /US$ 3000

  3. Recession Forecasting. Periods of Rise & Fall in Economy & Stock Markets. Expected Economic Trend Ahead. Phases of Bullish Economic & Stock Market Behaviour & Bearish Economic & Stock Market Behaviour. When to Buy & Accumulate and when to Sell & Exit or go Short in Stock Markets. Timing various Phases of Economy, namely the periods of Boom or Prosperity, Growth & Revival and periods of Recession & Economic Collapse.
    Fees: Rs.200000/- /US$ 5000

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