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Advanced Gann Courses in India


Advanced Gann Course:

For Nifty, Dow, Gold, Copper, Crude, Currency, Stocks & Commodities

(The Only Gann Course In The World

With Which One Can Actually Make Money From The Markets)

Advanced Gann Course 1: Gann Square of 9 + Gann Retracements + Gann Time Cycle

1- Construction, Interpretation & Practical Application of Static & Dynamic Gann Square of 9 for Intraday & Positional Trading.
2- Calculation & Application of Gann Retracements for Intraday & Shortterm Trading.
3- Trading Strategies of Gann & Trading Thumb Rules of WD Gann.
4- Gann Time Cycles for Trend Change in Intraday, Shortterm & Longterm Trading.
5- Gann Time Cycles for Trend Change in Longterm Business Cycles.
6- Gann Numbers & Gann Dates for Trend Change.
Course Duration – 8 hours Online class (2hrs x 4 days).
Fees: Rs. 1,00,000/- /US$3500


Advanced Gann Course 2 – Course 1 + Gann Price Cycle + Gann Maths & Gann Technicals

1- Advanced Gann Course 1.
2- Gann Angles & its Application Technique.
3- Gann Fan & its Application Technique.
4- Gann Box & its Application Technique.
5- Gann Emblem Construction, Interpretation & Application Technique.
6- Gann Wheel Construction, Interpretation & Application Technique.
7- Gann Number Degree conversion.
8- Gann Price Cycles.
9- Gann TDR Rule for Trend Continuation & Trend Reversal Determination.
10- Gann Swing Trading Rules 1, 2 & 3.
11- Gann Static Reversal Magical Dates for Trend Change.
12- Gann Dynamic Reversal Magical Dates for Trend Change.
13- Gann Swing Trading with Equi Cardinal Dates.
14- Gann Pyramid Trading Rules & Strategies.
15- Gann Breakout Trading Strategy Sleeping Tiger Method.
16- Gann Swing Trading with HHLL Strategy.
17- Gann Swing Trading Gann LD-SDR Strategy.
18- Secrets of Gann Waves & Gann Recessions Forecasting methods.
19- Free Astrology Software for Ready & Swift Astronomical Calculations.
Course Duration – 14 hours Online class (2hrs x 7 days).
Fees: Rs.3,00,000/- /US$9000

Advanced Gann Course 3 – Advanced Gann Astrology Course (Gann Astrological Time Factor & Advanced Trend Reversal Techniques of Gann Astrology) worth 100 Million Dollar

1- Astrological Secrets of Gann Time Cycles.
2- Astrological Secrets of Time Angles.
3- Secrets of Gann Astrological Time Waves.
4- Astrological Secret of Gann TDR Rule for Trend Continuation & Trend Reversal Determination.
5- Astrological Secrets of Gann NDR Rule.
6- Astrological Secrets of Gann LD-SDR Strategy.
7- Gann Astrological Pressure Dates.
8- Gann Kite Strategy.
9- Gann Impulse Wave Finder or High Risk Reward Ratio Trades of 1:5, 1:10.
10- Gann High Impulse Wave Finder or High Risk Reward Ratio Trades of 1:10, 1:20.
11- Decoding never revealed Astrological Secret of Gann Wheat Trading Chart of 1909.
12- Decoding never revealed Astrological Secret of Gann Coffee Trading Chart of 1954.
13- Complete Gann Financial Astrology Magic of Gann Time Factor with Advanced Trend Reversal Techniques of Gann Astrology-
14- Trading with Magic of Gann Time Factor Complete Gann Financial Astrology Trend Reversal Techniques of Gann with recent example on Nifty.
Course Duration – Fast Track – 20 hours Online class (2hrs x 10 days).
Fees: Rs. 6,00,000/- /US$ 18000


Why did WD Gann choosed  to visit Calcutta instead of any other city in India?

Calcutta was national capital of India then and was considered to be knowledge hub of India then along with trade hub during early 1900’s. This city enjoyed strong reputation across the globe during that period as a hub of education and knowledge. In addition to this Gann strongly believed in the cardinal angles 90 180 270 & 360. He wanted to travel to cities across the globe located on these cardinal angles and had a strong faith that he can derive knowledge from any city situated over any of these cardinal angles. 

He himself lived in Oklahoma in 1906 and worked as a broker there, which was nearby 90 degree west longitude and he found Calcutta to be almost nearby 90 east longitude which is 180 degree from his place. It was then in Oklahoma he decided to visit Calcutta for knowledge. Along with this strong faith and he had also heard about good reputation of vedic knowledge in India and Calcutta as a hub of knowledge and education, he became eager to visit Calcutta to quench his desire for gaining vedic knowledge as if 180 degree angle was strongly calling him and he decided to visit Calcutta at his earliest.

Since Calcutta was also a trading hub, especially for Cotton, Tea & Rice. He wanted to meet these traders of India too and learn from them about their methods of determining trading decisions or concluding the price trends in the market etc. Where he found that in India most of the traders of India then depended their trading decisions on astrological forecasts only. This further aroused his desire for learning astrology in Calcutta, India.

The oldest airport in India is Netaji Subhash Airport in Calcutta started functioning from 1924 and Delhi became national capital only on 1931. Therefore when WD Gann came to Calcutta, then capital of India, through sea route via ship and most probably not by airways.

Me & My Parents Being Born in Calcutta and Shifted to Lucknow has become double blessing for me: Being born in historically, commercially, educationally and astrologically important hub Calcutta I gained my knowledge from my parents inheriting the traits of knowledge of the city Calcutta and then shifting to culturally rich capital of Awadh Regime Lucknow which is more precisely 180 degree to WD Gann’s Oklahoma being excactly 177 degrees from there. Its elevation from sea level being additional advantage because higher you move in altitude, easier becomes the communication with ether to gain mystical knowledge of universe, thats why saints of earlier times used to choose high mountains for their meditation.

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